Lamina Hydraulics

Distributed by Aggressive Equipment

The Lamina Portable Heavy-Duty Drill is versatile enough to go almost anywhere, providing continuous

Heavy-duty drilling and tapping, even in the most cramped quarters. The compact drill delivers remarkable power in openings as narrow as 9-1/4″. Furthermore, the drill’s magnetic base attaches to the drilling surface at almost any angle, including vertically and horizontally.
The Experienced Edge. Lamina has long been recognized as a leader in portable hydraulic drill technology. For over 45 years, Lamina has provided a cross-section of American industry with a durable, high-power portable drill. Our team of engineers has combined power and portability in
a single drill, allowing it to effectively function in a broad spectrum of applications. Lamina takes pride in its superior quality. Before any Lamina Drill is shipped, it is tested by drilling a hole at its maximum capacity.
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