Heat Treatment

The HSM-089k06 is a full feature six zone heat stress machine capable of 89kVA at 60 or 80 VAC. Each zone is controlled by its own independent digital temperature controller. The controllers are also capable of being removed from the front panel without disconnecting any wiring, which allows for easy replacement and maintenance. Each zone is capable of powering 5 pads not to exceed a total of 30 pads at 60V or 24 at 80V. The machine has many build-in features for troubleshooting and testing such as analog voltmeter, analog ammeter and indicator lights. Input power selection has been simplified and is achieved with the use of a selector switch that is located in the rear access door of the unit.


Aggressive Equipment's paper recorder has set the industry standard through its ability to precisely monitor and record the most accurate temperature data.

Aggressive Equipment's paperless recorder has the ability to be monitored and managed remotely with wireless technology; bringing the data display anywhere you have internet access.